Founder's Podcast with Antonio Pellegrino - CEO and Founder of Mutable

Hosted by Philip Bliss | Mar 10, 2020 | The News

Launching an edge computing company has turned out to be a natural transition for this technology-driven entrepreneur. He comes from good stock.

It’s no surprise that Antonio Pellegrino ended up co-founding an edge computing company as he has had many years to prepare. In a sense it’s been part of his personal DNA forever.

“I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family,” says the co-founder of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Mutable Inc., an organization he describes as being the Airbnb of edge-based server utilization.

He also goes by the name Pelle and how that came about has everything to do with where he was born and raised.

“I had the same first name as my father – I am actually the third technically. And in that world that I grew up in Long Island in a very Italian-Irish area and literally, in the same exact class in middle-school there were four Anthony’s sitting in alphabetical order right next to each other. Everyone went by their last name Eventually, it got shortened and through the power of gaming and all that fun stuff, I took more ownership of it.

“My Dad owned a restaurant and two catering halls, and my uncle co-owned it with him and had a TV studio. We were a breed of workaholics. I saw my Dad the most when I was actually working with him and I did just that from the age of five when I was making meatballs in the back, all the way up to doing a lot of the catering and then IT work such as running the company servers and doing the wireless. ”

The latter happened when he was 15 and as Pellegrino notes, “that mentality kept going and as I saw something that needed to be optimized or fixed, I felt I needed to do it. And during this process of doing streaming for gaming and robotics and IoT things, I realized I  didn’t want to be the person just making the things, I wanted to be able to help the people that are trying to make these things easier to do.

“The easier you can make the process and the infrastructure, the more that developers can take their ideas and make them reality. I wanted to help them speed them along.”

He and co-founder Nathalie Zadoks have done that with Mutable, a company that has replicated the Amazon Web Services model.

“We are essentially working with cable companies, telcos and enterprises that have all these servers just like Amazon did when they had sales three days out of the whole year, but most of the days that computing was just there doing nothing and sitting idle. They created this cloud that people could use in order to take advantage of it. 

“We’re doing the same thing, but basically collecting all these independent resources that are actually much closer to the end user to create a public edge cloud. If a developer wants to take an application and deploy it within milliseconds of their end user, it’s possible and they don’t have to have their servers everywhere to do that.”

U.K.-based STL Partners, a research and consulting firm which “helps telcos and their partners innovate, grow and stay ahead of the competition,” recently flagged Mutable as one of the 15 edge computing companies to watch in 2020.

STL describes the company as a microservices PaaS solution, solving DevOps challenges for developers and providing edge technology to enable low latency, heightened security and operational efficiency for application providers, cable operators and cloud providers.

“(Its) software platform runs on operators’ existing servers. It automatically prioritizes the workloads of the owner while selling the unused compute capacity through its own public cloud, to unlock the full revenue potential of existing servers. This also allows developers to deploy their apps to end-users without having to maintain their own cloud footprint.

“Mutable is currently working with cable operators and other service providers to enable edge computing on their networks and offer applications to end customers.:

Defining itself as more than just a public cloud, the company’s services include:

  • ISP Infrastructure: By terminating user requests before reaching the public Internet, latency is lowered and security increased
  • ARM / GPU Deployment:  Its architecture is designed to deliver cost and performance benefits
  • Cross-Network Optimization: Data can be transferred between known networks by adopting Software Defined Networking (SDN), thereby reducing data transfer costs.

In terms of being a founder, Pellegrino says the primary trait revolves around being motivated: “My motivation is more about how do I help make a situation better for others than it is for me to become the biggest thing in the world. My mentality isn’t about being egotistical and always wanting to be number one in the world and focus on becoming wealthy.

“My goal is how do I help the people around me and how do I help everything that I see so I can improve it.

“Being an entrepreneur is usually a curse … There is a lot of pain and stress. You have to grind for a long time and if you are not persistent and passionate then it’s not going to be something that you can pull off.”

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